Washed Ashore Adventure Tour

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Saturday April 1

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10:00 AM  –  10:45 AM

Washed Ashore Adventure Tour! 

Grab your friends and family and hop aboard our exclusive Washed Ashore Adventure Tour! This non-stop shuttle tour is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced in the Garden. To start, you’ll meet either our defender of the Garden, Sage, or our spirited and mischievous Blossom. Both characters take turns hosting the tour, and it’s a unique experience with both!

Sage is a lover of puns, quick with a “dad joke” and knows the Garden’s history unlike anyone else – perhaps because he’s been on this land for decades! Blossom, well, she’s a bit flighty. Her best friends are the flowers and pollinators in the Garden, but thanks to her gossiping ways, she knows a LOT about the Garden as well.

Either character is with you throughout the tour, providing humor and fun along the way.  

What's included? 

The whole experience will be about 45 minutes, including an exclusive photo opportunity with either Sage or Blossom at one of the Washed Ashore sculptures. Lastly, you’ll get to take home a reusable SCBG water bottle to help reduce your carbon footprint! The last chance to get the water bottle is June 30. After July 1, the tour will be at a lower price, with no Water Bottle included. 

How long does this last? 

45-minute experience, 15 min photos/loading, and 30 min shuttle ride

Reservations required (onsite sales if available)

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